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Fact Sheet: “That Jew Died for You”

Title: “That Jew Died for You” Label: A Kossover Production and Film Run Time: 3:21 minutes Release Date: This video will release to coincide with Passover (4/14), Holy Week, Easter (4/20) and Holocaust Remembrance Day (4/28) DVD Synopsis: “That Jew Died for You” is a short, professionally-produced evangelistic video, created by Jews for Jesus to share a […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this video created? “That Jew Died for You” is a communications tool created to help redefine the conversation and reshape views of Jesus and His relationship to the Holocaust, presenting a positive image of hope and salvation instead of despair.  Why focus on the Holocaust to share the message of Jesus? Many people […]

PRESS RELEASE: Controversial Video Released for Passover and Holy Week: That Jew Died for You

FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A. Larry Ross Communications Julie Shutley 972-267-1111 julie@alarryross.com Jews for Jesus films depicts Jesus at the gates of Auschwitz SAN FRANCISCO, April 16, 2014 – In conjunction with Passover, Holy Week and Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jews for Jesus has released a controversial video, “That Jew Died for You,” to […]

Backgrounder: Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is a global ministry whose priority is direct witness to the Jewish Community sharing the message of Jesus and the New Testament. Jews for Jesus “exists to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue for Jewish people worldwide.” Founded in 1973 by Moishe Rosen, Jews for Jesus has grown to be […]

Bios: Jews for Jesus Spokespeople

David Brickner, Executive Director David Brickner is the Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, where he has served for more than 30 years. Brickner holds a degree in Jewish and Modern Israel Studies from Moody Bible Institute, a B.A. in Judaica from Northeastern Illinois University and a M.A. in Missiology, with a concentration in Jewish […]

Rahel Hirshenson Landrum—A Romanian Daughter of the Holocaust

I remember when I was about ten years old, I found and read—with tears in my eyes—a report my dad wrote for the Romanian police, in which he described what he and his family went through during the pogroms and the Second World War. That was the first time I was introduced to what happened […]

Jonathan Bernd—Why I Cannot Keep Silent

My father, Hans Bernd, was ten years old when he fled Germany on one of the last trains of the Kindertransport to England in 1939. His sister left just before him. He had to make the journey to England alone, and leave his parents behind. They were killed in Auschwitz. Several other relatives were also […]

Mark Landrum—Another Holocaust Could Happen, Unless…

My mother, Flora, was born towards the end of the Holocaust. Her family lived in Northern Greece, in the middle of a thriving Jewish community. Her father was part of the Greek underground resistance movement. When the Nazis told the Jewish community that they would be allowed to live if they cooperated, he didn’t believe […]

Irmhild Barend—Why I, a German, Love the Jewish People

Love often begins with a discovery. We discover someone to whom we feel deeply drawn and who then inspires our devotion. My love for my Jewish brothers and sisters started with a discovery. Discovery and an empty chair. I carefully balanced the tray of food in my hand, trying desperately to avoid spilling its contents […]