Bios: Jews for Jesus Spokespeople

David Brickner, Executive Director

David Brickner

David Brickner is the Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, where he has served for more than 30 years. Brickner holds a degree in Jewish and Modern Israel Studies from Moody Bible Institute, a B.A. in Judaica from Northeastern Illinois University and a M.A. in Missiology, with a concentration in Jewish Evangelism/Judaic Studies, from Fuller School of World Missions.

A Jewish believer in Jesus, Brickner began his ministry with Jews for Jesus in 1976 as a missionary in Chicago. From 1984 to 1989, Brickner served as leader of the Chicago branch, and, in 1989, became Director of Recruiting. In 1996, Brickner was selected as Executive Director of Jews for Jesus.

Brickner is a sought-after speaker and has appeared on many national news outlets. He is the author of four books including, “Christ in the Feast of Pentecost” and “Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles.”

Susan Perlman, Associate Executive Director

Susan Perlman

Susan is one of the founders of Jews for Jesus, where she has served since 1972 and currently is Associate Executive Director. She oversees the communications aspects of the ministry including their evangelistic publication ISSUES, coordinating media outreach and overseeing the multimedia and web departments.

Perlman grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Brooklyn, N.Y., and became a believer in Yeshua in 1971. Perlman was a communications major at Hunter College in New York. In addition to serving on the board of directors of Jews for Jesus, she also serves on the Dallas Theological Seminary board and the executive board of MissioNexus.