PRESS RELEASE: Controversial Video Hits 1 Million Views After Cable Stations Deny Ads “That Jew Died for You” Challenges Anti-Semitism


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Controversial Video Hits 1 Million Views After Cable Stations Deny Ads
“That Jew Died for You” Challenges Anti-Semitism

SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2014 With less than one week until Holocaust Remembrance Day on April 28, a video that shows Jesus carrying a cross into Auschwitz is gaining traction and igniting conversation about where God was during one of the most tragic events in history. Jews for Jesus released the professional video, “That Jew Died for You,” to help redefine the conversation and reshape views of Jesus.

“With recent anti-Semitic events in Kansas City and Ukraine, our YouTube video ‘That Jew Died For You’ is needed more than ever because it offers a message of hope in times of despair.  While our video focuses on the Holocaust, anti-Semitism needs to be challenged everywhere,” said David Brickner, Executive Director of Jews for Jesus. “Only Jesus the Jewish Messiah can replace the fear and anxiety in our hearts with a peace from God that passes all understanding, because He Himself is the Prince of Peace.  That Jew, Jesus the Messiah, died for all of us, so that we may live.”

The video has created heated discussions on YouTube, blogosphere and in a number of news articles because of its perceived controversial nature and both Fox News Channel and the History Channel turned down a 2-minute ad for the video.

The Jerusalem Post said, “If messianic Jews were seeking to court controversy, they certainly found the most provocative way of doing that – releasing a video depicting Jesus bearing the cross just as he is about to be sent to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.”

“That Jew Died for You” is meant to share a message of hope with the Jewish people and to show that Jesus is on the side of the Jewish people, not the Nazis.

“We want Jewish people to understand that the sufferings inflicted at the hands of the Nazis were in no way based on the teachings of Jesus. In fact, he suffered and died on our behalf to show us the love of God,” said Susan Perlman, Associate Executive Director of Jews for Jesus.

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